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Requirements profile for vehicle and driver

In accordance with legal requirements, shippers, consignors and carriers are obliged to ensure safe and lawful transport. In order to comply with these regulations, you will find an overview of our minimum requirements here.

Minimum requirement

The following requirements must be met:

Requirements vehicle


Flawless technical condition of the vehicle

The loading floor must be dry, swept clean and passable by a forklift truck.

Sufficient number of load securing materials in technically perfect and tested condition (anti-slip mats, locking beams, tensioning boards, lashing straps, edge protectors, empty pallets).

Sufficient and suitable lashing points

For loaded vehicles, it must be ensured that the load can be loaded with a tight fit. For the appropriate load securing, all aids must be carried by the driver.

ADR transports are generally carried out WITHOUT applying the exemption according to ADR Therefore, the transport unit must be marked.

ADR safety equipment for vehicles

Requirements driver


Photo identification, for ADR transport, driver's license AND valid ADR certificate.

In case of ADR transport, protective equipment for the driving personnel according to written instructions (accident leaflet).

Safety shoes/clothing

When collecting products with food / feed / or pharmaceutical status (HACCP concept), the hygiene measures required when handling these goods must be observed.

Telephoning on the company premises is strictly prohibited. Cell phones must be switched off at all times.

Photography as well as filming is prohibited on the entire plant premises.

Request loading


The goods to be loaded in our company must be able to be secured positively and/or non-positively in order to meet the requirements for proper load securing (see Section 22 (1) of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) and Section 23 (1) of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO)).

The fulfillment of this duty of care is incumbent on everyone who is responsible for the loading process, i.e. the vehicle driver as well as the loading personnel.

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