Fire protection

Our know-how for your products

Over 70 years of paint experience fused with the highest expertise in fire protection.
Specialists from leading paint and fire protection manufacturers strengthen our team and develop innovative and state-of-the-art fire protection materials at a new location.

Better safe than sorry

The preventive fire protection

Preventive fire protection is the umbrella term for all measures that prevent or limit the development, spread and impact of fires in advance. Mostly, fire protection is carried out in buildings. However, it is by no means limited to these areas of application, but is becoming increasingly important in all areas of life. Especially in the field of energy transition, such as electromobility for protection in case of battery fires or as insulating fire protection for gas pressure vessels. Fire protection products that are precisely tailored to emergencies protect property and lives.

The perfect fire protection coating

Your requirement - our solution

Accompaniment of the entire manufacturing process - your product can be manufactured quite classically according to your recipe.

If the application is in the foreground, we also develop individual products or the recipes. Our professional network supports and accompanies us along the entire project.
This includes national and international testing institutes, approval and monitoring bodies, associations of the paint industry and quality associations, long-term partnerships of flame retardant suppliers, suppliers of the paint and coatings industry and machinery and equipment manufacturers. Especially due to our connection to the CG GROUP we are well positioned as a chemical service provider.


Classic contract manufacturing

  • Production according to existing recipes
  • Protection by NDA
  • Protection by contract manufacturing agreement
  • Production plants for batches from 5 to 1.000kg
  • Mixing, dispersing of low to high viscosity products
  • Coloring and colorimetric measurement
  • Production in cooperation of bandages, molded parts, 3D products, sheet goods etc.
  • Accompaniment of initial approvals and product audits
  • Preparation of initial sample test reports
  • Accompaniment of supplier audits
  • Taking over of production peaks and market entry and exit of products
  • Application engineering consulting
  • Everything from a single source (from goods purchasing to shipping)
  • 100% quality control of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Selection of suitable containers and shipping methods
  • Delivery also possible after the end of the contract

Individual product development

  • Development of individual formulations and support of necessary tests
  • Implementation and monitoring of fire protection tests and product audits
  • Joint development of fire protection products and systems
  • Orienting fire tests on our own test rigs
  • Application technology with our own coating stands and cooperation with surface technology suppliers
  • Support up to stable product launch
  • Product testing against climatic, mechanical, biological and chemical influences
  • Preparation of technical documentation (MSDS, labels, technical data sheets...)


Coming soon

In the SIL R&D laboratory, a team of experienced paint and varnish experts with many years of fire protection experience develops modern fire protection products.
The focus of DAXO-FLAME fire protection products is the use of contemporary raw materials, with the greatest possible environmental compatibility:
a) consisting of renewable raw materials (NawaRo / NR)
b) do not contain any critical raw materials
c) each raw material can be replaced by a redundant raw material.

DAXO-FLAME fire protection products are built up according to a modular principle and this provides a quickly deliverable product variety - from small to large batches. Customer requirements regarding color, consistency or other wishes can thus be met. Ask our experts for details.

Industries & Applications

Here we are your specialists
  • Industry for movable goods of aviation, rail vehicles, automotive, battery safety, hydrogen drives
  • Electrical Industry
  • Plant safety
  • Private label customers
  • Suppliers in the construction sector with fire protection portfolio
  • Energy plants

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Andree Schober
Technical Management Fire Protection Products

Phone: +49 (0) 5156 / 78084 - 14
E-Mail: a.schober(at)


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