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Pigment preparation or pigment paste

What are preparations and pastes

Pigment preparations are also known colloquially as pigment pastes and are a commercial form of pigments. They are a liquid mixture of substances in which the pigment is already dispersed. They are used, for example, for coloring paints, dispersion paints and printing inks. In principle, pigment preparations contain the same feedstock as their target system, e.g. a coating. However, they do not have the final properties of a coating, but serve the sole purpose of pigmentation.

So-called semi-finished products are fillers and matting agents. Additives improve the technical and optical properties of the coating system, e.g. haptics, resistance, corrosion protection, flame retardancy, gloss level, surface finish, etc.

The greatest advantage of pigment preparations over powder pigments is that the pigment is already dispersed, thus eliminating the most time-consuming production step. The full color strength is developed without an additional dispersion process. In addition, they can be adjusted very precisely in terms of color strength and coloristic behavior.

At a glance

  • Simple metering at each process step
  • No need for energy-intensive grinding
  • No dust pollution
  • No need for expensive disposal of exhausted powder mixtures
  • Safe processes through defined color location, color strength, grinding
  • Automation of paint production and shortening of process times
  • Reduction of the complexity of paint production
  • Increase in cost-effectiveness

Daxocolor series

Pigment pastes series

Our Daxocolor series is an easy-to-incorporate range of pigment pastes based on different high-quality materials tailored to the specific areas of application. The colorant components are easy to use and also suitable for mixing with each other to produce your own color components.

We will find the right product for your application. Send your product inquiry to our expert.

Your challenge - our solution

For your perfect product

Consulting for the right solution.
We accompany the entire manufacturing process. Your product can be manufactured quite classically according to your recipe. If the focus is on the application, we also develop individual products and new formulations. Even a product from our existing SIL pigment paste range may already be the perfect solution for you and can be easily integrated into an existing system.


Classic contract manufacturing

  • Production according to existing recipe
  • Protection by NDA
  • Safeguarding through contract manufacturing agreement
  • R&D, production, QA, logistics at one production site
  • Years of experience
  • Small batches (10 kg) to large batches (5,000 kg)
  • Sampling
  • Color shade elaborations
  • Application technology consulting
  • Everything from one source (from purchasing to shipping)
  • Product launch / scale-up possible on site
  • 0,25L - 1000 L fillings possible
  • Price catalog for extra technical support
  • Provision system possible
  • Reconditioning of residual/open containers
  • 100 % quality control of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Delivery also possible after the end of the contract

Individual product development

  • Development of own formulations
  • Individual adaptation of properties (gloss, fineness of grind, pigment content, flame retardancy ...)
  • Compatibility tests
  • Paint testing (adhesion, flexibility, deformation ...)
  • Processing test (compressed air, airless, automatic painting ...)
  • Services (preparation of MSDS, certificates, audits, approvals, markings)
  • Selection of suitable containers and shipping methods
  • Recipe maintenance
  • Retention samples over 2 years
  • Technical consulting
  • Small batches (10 kg) to large batches (5,000 kg)
  • 100% quality control of incoming and outgoing goods

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