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From special to individual

We support our customers with a holistic range of services and performances, from the first conversation to reliable delivery, ensuring the high quality of the cooperation. For us, the focus is on the customer and his wishes.

Quality is based on performance

From the idea to your own product

Consulting & Analysis
Before we act, we determine exactly what needs to be done. We are available to our customers as experienced consultants and plan the joint project of future cooperation on the basis of customer-specific specifications.

Our high reliability lies, among other things, in our procurement. We flexibly vary between the three different methods of single sourcing, dual sourcing and global sourcing and combine them into a compact system so that we can always manufacture your products safely and quickly.

State-of-the-art laboratory technology and qualified, experienced teams allow us to analyze, test and further develop around the clock in our laboratory area, which is well equipped even for complex requirements. No product leaves our premises without the control of agreed requirements including detailed documentation. We ensure that every delivery reaches our customers in perfect quality and within the framework of legal regulations and specifications.


Quality with system

Efficient process for the optimal result

Our processes are designed to run efficiently and smoothly.

In essence, we offer to manufacture the products based on your formulation - or we can first develop a perfectly matched formulation for you.



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